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The DataPipe Org Structure

Each organization, whether a manufacturing company, hospital, government body or any other, has its own organizational structure - the way the company is laid out from the top down that is, in almost every, case completely unique.  DataPipe may be configured to organize its information to follow that unique structure. In doing so, you are able to structure your data in the way that allows for intelligent reporting and analysis on scales that couldn't be looked at before this structure was implemented.

Sample company organizes their data by region.

In this example below we show an imaginary company here who organizes their data by region.  Under region they have division and under division they list facilities.  Now it gets interesting.  Each facility at every division is broken up into areas and departments.  And final areas are broken up to rooms and manufacturing cells.  And in an entirely separate and disconnected structure, their data is also tracked by which line of business our imaginary manufacturing company lists and within each line of business are specific cost codes.  (see diagram below)


Sample Org Stucture For Imaginary Company

Example:  Imaginary companies organizational structure. 

Your org structure would EXACTLY match your actual structure.


When entering a work location (for instance), a user of DataPipe might set defaults for region, division and facility if they work at a specific facility.  If they enter a specific area, then because DataPipe knows the org tree, it will auto fill in the facility division and region.  Furthermore, if the area is entered, then DataPipe will only allow valid combinations of room and cell to be entered based on those under that specific area.  This ensures that data is entered correctly and makes data entry quicker since you don't have to look through en entire list.  The list can be narrowed down simply and efficiently.


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