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Industrial Hygiene and Safety Software

The DataPipe approach helps to bring efficiency to your industrial hygiene and safety program.  It allows for the integration of all related enterprise data into a centralized and accessible system.  DataPipe can interface with industrial hygiene instruments, communicate and exchange data with other business applications, database systems, departments, laboratories and outside contractors.  It covers a broad range of IH and safety topics and allows users to select modules that fit their unique requirements, whether doing safety audits, tracking airborne chemical hazards, noise exposures or more.

  • Qualitative Exposure Assessment

  • IH Sample Data Management

  • Chemical & Physical Stressor Data Management

  • Noise measurement

  • Radiation exposure and measurement

  • Equipment Management

  • Emissions Tracking

  • And much more (see our complete IH module list)

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

  • Track detailed IAQ sampling information including sample ID number, sample group, location and sample duration.

  • Record monitoring information on CO, CO2, relative humidity and temperature during the study.

  • Includes min., max. and average levels during the overall study and actual exposure hours.

  • Link documents, photos and location maps.

Noise Exposures

  • Track noise dosimeter and sound level meter sample collection and results data.

  • Include shift duration and other parameters affecting calculation of exposure and TWA sound level.

  • Instrument Interfaces available.

  • Image field provides link to instrument reports and graphs. 

  • Audiometric Testing Module available for tracking hearing test results, baseline comparisons and related functions.

Injury and Illness

  • Track all information for work place related injuries or illnesses including cause and body part codes, costs by facility, department or injury type, lost days and other important risk management information.

  • Drives OSHA 101 and OSHA 200 Summary and other detailed management reports.

  • Links to General Incidents Module providing for multiple injuries or illnesses relating to a single incident, accident, spill, fire, explosion, etc.

  • Links to Questionnaires and Recommendations Modules for timely risk assessment and problem solving.

  • View case status, workers compensation number or photos of the accident scene.

 General Incidents

  • Use with other modules to tie all sub-incidents and related issues together under one incident ID number.

  • A valuable case management tool for tracking combined costs for an incident or accident with multiple injuries and related damages.

  • Identify multiple incident types, cause codes, employees and agencies involved, related agency fines, cognizant persons and corrective actions taken.

Respirator Fit Test

  • Record qualitative and quantitative fit test data and factors affecting fit.

  • Automated processes can link with Scheduling Module for managing and scheduling employee fit tests.

  • Instrument interfaces available for automatic fit test systems.

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Keep employee records of personal protection devices  including issue dates.

  • Note whether fit tests were performed and by whom.

  • Include related course information and latest attendance date.

  • List types of PPE and requirements.

  • When used with other modules identify what types of PPE should be used under specific circumstances.

MSDS Management

  • Two MSDS Modules are available. MSDS Management is based on ANSI Z 400.1 and includes all 16 sections, and MSDS Generation allows for building and maintaining MSDSs based on user-defined sub-sections, generic phrases and text in multiple languages.

  • The MSDS modules work with Agent parameters to automatically update changes in exposure limits.

  • Complete the entire form or scan and store original manufacturer’s MSDS and only enter the most important data for sorting and searching, like unique identifiers, names, synonyms, CAS number, exposure limits, EPA categories, etc.

Training Courses and Requirements

  • Track course content, scheduling, and attendance information. Provides a record of what courses have been completed by individual employees.

  • Queries determine who needs what training update and which certifications are required for performing specific jobs.

  • Track whether employees meet requirements of specific jobs and notify when requirements change.

  • Automated processes can link with Scheduling Module for managing and automatic scheduling of employee courses and certification requirements.

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