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Environment and Waste Management Software

The DataPipe environment and waste management modules integrate with one another, allowing data sharing for easy access of personnel information, facilities, areas and buildings information for source locations, standards and exposure limits, waste identification, EPA codes, CAS numbers, etc.  Additionally, DataPipe modules can interface with environmental, IH and medical test instruments, air samplers, dust monitors, noise dosimeters, fit test systems, etc. Often you see this type of system listed as an Environmental Management Systems (EMS)

With DataPipe you can customize and expand your system when regulations mandate or budgets allow. Some modules are specific to traditional environmental issues, while others may be shared between several departments or disciplines. The DataPipe modules cover an unparalleled range of environmental topics and the environmental modules integrate seamlessly with the available industrial hygiene, safety and occupational health modules.


The NPDES Module records periodic test data from sample points.  It also stores permit limits on allowable concentrations or loadings and allows for comparisons to be made between measured results and permit limits

  • Maintain detailed records on each source in a facility, by permit, including limits on each.

  • Maintains each month’s discharge data by source and calculates minimum, maximum and average loading or concentration.

  • Compares sample data to permitted limits.

  • Includes an NPDES panel for each effluent source by Stored number.

Emission Source Tests

  • Tracking detailed information on the tests and results for multiple air and water emission sources.

  • Document facility, source ID, test dates, start and stop time, Instrument used, sampling technician, responsible supervisor and Analytical Lab.

  • Import test results from Laboratory.

  • Link source photos and site plans to the file.

Chemical Inventory

  • Use Chemical Inventory Module for SARA Tier 1 and Tier 2 reporting.

  • Track chemical agent type, location, maximum and average daily amounts, date range, storage method and typical ambient conditions.

  • System uses container volume and physical properties of the agent to calculate the corresponding number of pounds of the agent.

  • Users can identify storage container reference list.

 Agent Use

  • Track where and how agents are used over specific date ranges.

  • System provides for simplified “Mass Balance” accounting.

  • Use with Work History Module to determine who worked where, when and with what agents.


  • Two MSDS Modules are available. MSDS Management is based on ANSI Z 400.1 and includes all 16 sections, and MSDS Generation allows for building and maintaining MSDSs based on user-defined sub-sections, generic phrases and text in multiple languages.

  • The MSDS modules work with Agent Parameters to automatically update changes in exposure limits.

  • Complete the entire form or scan and store original manufacturer’s MSDS and only enter the most important data for sorting and searching, like unique identifiers, names, synonyms, CAS number, exposure limits, EPA categories, etc.

Waste Characterization

  • Waste Characterization supports the Waste Shipping Module by detailing the properties and components of the hazardous waste being shipped.

  • Waste Characterization uses information from List of Lists, laboratories and other sources to provide waste identification and shipping details used in the Waste Shipping Module.

  • These include EPA state or provincial codes, CAS numbers, source codes, waste component details, general content and properties, exposure limits, physical characteristics and composition, TSD process system information, hazard and regulatory characteristics, DOT shipping and handling information and transport container information.

List of Lists

  • Store imported or manually entered lists that are referenced by other modules including CAS numbers, EPA Waste Codes and DOT Information.

  • Create user defined lists for chemical tracking and properties

Waste Shipping

  • Manage and track hazardous waste shipping information used in preparing and outputting labels, Bills of Lading and Uniform Hazardous Waste Manifests.

  • Receive information back from the TSDF like amounts, handling codes and discrepancies.

  • Store detailed information on the waste generator, transporter, TSDF, container, and track costs associated with the shipment.

  • Customize output information per local requirements.

Storage Tanks

  • Manage above and below ground storage tank data, including location, contents, construction.

  • Maintain detailed records on above and below ground storage tanks.

  • Information includes tank identification, location, tank type, construction materials.

  • Keep up to date contents records including substance type and amount.

  • Link construction documents, contents MSDS, current photos and Location maps.

  • Use standard reports provided with module or write custom reports with ad hoc or programmed report writers.

  • Sort report information by any field including, by facility, area, contents, etc.

Permit History

  • Log all permit information associated with each facility; air water, waste, etc.

  • Track permit history details including dates, agency, cognizant persons and permit interval. 

  • Built-in flags provide expiration warning and automated triggers can be set up for e-mail reminders in advance of renewal dates.

  • Image fields allow for storage of actual permit pages.

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