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Case Management

In DataPipe, Case Management is covered by a series of modules including Clinic Visits, Medical Progress Notes, Injury and Illness, Absences, Medical Summary and possibly the Workers Comp or Disability Guidelines Modules. Additionally, there will be several reports included with this group. 

Detailed Overview:  DataPipe is a fully integrated system, which means that “core” enterprise demographic data is shared across the system and many modules link to one another providing a convenient tool for reviewing patient or employee medical, safety and industrial hygiene records. The term “Case Management” generally means different things to different people. Since it is a process rather than a single function, we don’t try to roll it into a one-size-fits all module.

In DataPipe case managers can decide which modules to include in the process and then menus can be customized to include the forms and reports that make sense for their requirements. Since the system is integrated case managers can conveniently review cost information, medical records, progress notes and other case details. Case managers can even compare actual lost workdays with typical industry averages for similar kinds of cases, based on ICD-9 codes.

In the Medical Progress Notes Module, use the filtering tool to sort the records by almost any criteria. Step through an employee’s medical progress notes to quickly review case history and as long as you have the appropriate permissions, lock the records when the review is completed.

Absences Track Lost Work Days and log when and why employees are absent from work.

Patient/Employee Medical Summary This is a user configurable module that pulls together related medical information about an employee or patient in the convenient form. Links to all case management and medical modules.

Input the employee ID number, press the “Get Tests” Button then click on the date to review the actual record detail. This gathers a patient’s complete medical history and allows for convenient information access.

Clinic Visits Module Track clinic visits by employee ID number. Includes date, time, purpose, disposition, diagnostic codes and services. Automatically pass billing information to accounting system.

Links to case number when applicable and provides for logging physical elements and vital signs.

Enter detailed medical problems information and SOAP notes.

The last page on most forms includes an area for linking photos and other documents and also user defined items.

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