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Because automation of simple tasks are key to efficiency and ROI, can we introduce our own custom programming, such as condition based triggers at the form, or field level? Can we write scheduled tasks and external processes that interface with other instruments and systems? Can the system talk to our lab instruments to collect data and automatically import data? Can the system receive data from an outside source (like a lab or TPA) and process it automatically into record sets? Are there any restrictions on importing or exporting data to and from the database?

We recognize the importance of automating your system through customization. DataPipe makes implementation of custom programming a snap. Triggers, external processes and advanced programming can be easily applied to the system at the global level, form level or even at field level. We provide an interface for adding your own custom trigger code to any form or field. When it comes to interfacing DataPipe with other systems, we excel. DataPipe USA began over 30 years ago writing interface applications to exchange EH&S data among various systems. This is one of our core competencies - and we do it well.  We do not restrict access to the database. Our policy is that you own your data and you have full access to everything stored in the database. Nearly every customer will interface DataPipe to at least one or more systems. We often, for example, connect DataPipe to a customerís HR system to exchange personnel information on a automated nightly basis. When it comes down to it, DataPipe encourages and simplifies automation, thus improving efficiency and saving capital.








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