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10 Topics for Assessing EH&S Software: 13 of 23

Can we modify forms and reports to look and function our way? Can we make changes to input screens? Can we modify a form for one user differently than another user? Can forms be in different languages based on our login credentials? To what extent can we change forms versus having to go back to the vendor to make costly changes?

In over three decades of EH&S software development we have learned that no one group does things the same as another. That being said, we wrote an application that will adapt, seamlessly, to whomever uses it. Our built-in tool called Form Designer™ lets you configure any form to look and function the way you decide. You can assign changes you make to a “roll” so that each user assigned to that roll, sees that form when logged in. You can even have a form in traditional Chinese and one in Spanish and one in English and assign each form to their respective employee who speaks that language. The nice thing is that most of the changes are point-and-click and can be done without any programming knowledge; thus, without having to come back to the vendor for costly changes. Our clients love this feature!








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