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What is the system architecture? What are the technical requirements? What backend databases are supported? Can the application be run as a Web or Windows application (by user’s choice) or just one way? Can it be installed on our network infrastructure or at an application service provider or is it subscription based web access only? Who owns the data in the database?

DataPipe may be run as a Windows client or via the Internet; same application, just how you choose to run it, by user. So, yes, you can have a mix of users accessing it via your LAN/WAN and via the internet. Either way, DataPipe has a DBMS server, Web Services server and user workstations. The Web Services server needs Microsoft’s IIS and therefore needs to run some version of Windows Server. The DBMS server, if a different physical machine may run Windows Server or another OS (e.g., UNIX) as long as the Windows Services system can “see” the data. The user machines need to run Windows as IE is required. Virtual machines (VMs) may be used.

You have your choice of DBMS; Oracle, SQL Server or DB2. Where the system is hosted is also your choice. Many customers run it on their own server(s), while others elect to have it hosted at an outside location (e.g., an ASP). If you install it one way initially, you can change it later. In either case, it is your data; you own it and have full access to it at all times.








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p19: Security

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p23: Why DataPipe? Requirements

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